Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I found my wedding dress!! It's the most amazing dress, ah. It was the first or second one I tried on but I knew it IMMEDIATELY. I tried on plenty more dresses, but none of them compared. I'm so in love with it! I want to show Dale so bad, but I know it will be better if it's a surprise on the big day :) Which means no pictures or descriptions on the internet, sorry :)

Love you all

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bored while Emily works

I am really bored because Emily is at work and I do not go in until 7 so I am just dropping in to say I have the best Fiance ever, and even when I mope around all day bored and grumpy, she still loves me and I do not take that for granted.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Ah my first blog in forever. So far this Summer is the best. I am learning a ton about being an adult which is great because I am getting married. I am living on my own for the first time, and despite being freaked out so bad on the first night, it has been good. Learning about keeping my bills low! Also I am huge on grocery shopping. I always have been, but even more now. You can buy 3 meals for the price of one meal out to eat practically. We also have been cleaning the house, we decided to try and do that once a week for the Sisco's.....I have been working at Starbucks here which is rad. I miss Nashville, especially Fido and going to coffee shops with Emily. I also miss Jacks BBQ a ton, but nothing beats being here with Emily and her family.

Last night we decided to have a stay in date. We went out and got a Tombstone Pizza (represent) and some hot wings to cook. We also picked up Couple's Retreat to watch with dinner. We just relaxed where I am staying, ate, and had a real good meal haha. Oh we also got a ton of candy. If you have never had watermelon sour patch kids, you are missing out.

Today we jst planned a sweet trip to Florida and Disney! Just one more thing I am stoked about this summer. I am excited we get to go chill with my mom and go to Disney and the beach and what not. This is going to rule so hard its not even funny.

Well, basically, I am extremely happy. I am working hard writing when I am not at the Sbux so I can get published some places. I am also working on another writing project that is going pretty well, I just have to get it done :x. I am thankful to spend this summer with my beautiful, loving, compassionate fiance who I love more than my own life.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 3, 2010

End of April

Wow, I think it is time for an update??

Hm well there are few things that I can think of to blog about. One being our engagement party!! This was such a blast. We just invited all of our close friends to spend some time together and we played games and catered Moe's. Thank you sooo much to Brad Perry and Cameron/Chelsea for planning everything and providing a place. We have amazing and supportive friends and we love them all very much. Brad created an awesome How I Met Your Mother trivia game for Dale and I to compete in...we played Disney Scene-It and Apple-to Apples. I'm glad we got to spend this time with our friends and we were reminded how blessed we are in life.

We are one step closer on the wedding planning....we have a wedding party now! Woohoo!

Also as many of you have heard, Nashville is in a state of emergency from the flooding over the weekend. It was absolutely unbelievable here, some of the things we saw! Things are better today and most of the water has gone down, but there are still damages and people who need help. We are thankful to the Godfrey's for their hospitality because we could not get back to school. Keep Nashville in your prayers.

Welp, we are down to the last week of school! Finals started Friday and we are almost done! We will be in Atlanta by this weekend!! Can't wait to start our jobs and have a great summer :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good weekends

This week has bee super busy so far, and today is only Monday. We have finals pretty soon, so all our teachers are giving us work to do now, and Starbucks, and sanctuary all pile up to make things crazy! I am just down right pooped, but that is fine with me :D. I am excited to be working as much as I am and I am getting a great education. Plus, this weekend Emily and i went over to our friend's, the Godfreys, house. We watched a movie with them, played games with Christian, and got to sit on our favorite couch to watch our favorite T.V show. We were planning on heading back to Nashville to celebrate Emily's 21st bday at Mazatlan, but we remembered how much we loved being at a home. Instead of heading back to Nashville we hung out in Spring Hill. We ordered O'Charley's to go...but I accidentaly ordered it in columbia so once we realized my mistake, Emily and I drove all the way out to Columbia and back. I was hoping to get her the perfect dinner, but I did not pay close attention to which store I called haha. Anywho, I had such a good weekend. We are coming up on our third week as an engaged couple!!!! So far its goe by pretty darn fast. I am going to be thankful I can say that now, becauase im sure I will be wanting it to go by faster in the future. Time for me to try and sleep, I just got off work at 12:50....in the morning.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Blog #2

Yesterday we had some down time so Dale and I decided to try out our second coffee shop. We went to Fido's in Hillsboro Village by Vanderbilt. Fido's used to be a pet shop, which is how they came up with the name "Fidos" (Also, apparently, Fido's and Bongo Java are the same company) Not only do they serve coffee but they have really great food and deserts as well (muffins, cookies, bagels, salads, sandwiches, etc). I got a strawberry/banana muffin and a cinnamon latte. Dale's drink was not a coffee drink but more of a hot chocolate. It was called the "Dalmatian". It was a mixture of white chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and whipped cream....pretty much a sugar high but it was great. Most of their drinks have some sort of "canine" theme...like the "milkbone", the "hot dog", the "bull dog" and the "rolo(ver)". Here are some pictures that we took of the drinks, etc!

P.S. This was my SECOND coffee of the day...which is crazy for me...I don't know when I turned into a coffee drinking person! I blame Dale for working at Starbucks ;)

almost too pretty to drink!

but i did :) and it was good

Monday, April 12, 2010

A few things, wedding, coffee

Today we made quite a few decisions about our wedding. We did not wake up today knowing that we had a lot to get done but then all of a sudden things started falling into our laps! Not complaining, of course, I have been dying to plan and finalize things! First of all, the date for our wedding is June 4th, 2011! :) Exactly 418 days from today. I could not be more excited. We also looked into honeymoon stuff because we realized that we should probably book it far in advance, to be safe. This was even more exciting! :) We are pretty set on a cruise. Even though our wedding is a year away, we arent too far ahead of the game....a lot of stuff has to get taken care of early early. Annnnnnnd let the craziness begin! :)

In other news, Dale is pursuing writing and taking a class where he gets to write articles about movies, concerts, music, ect for Lipscomb. He had the brilliant idea of going to all the coffee shops in Nashville and writing a series of reviews on them. We love coffee so this is a lot of fun for both of us and is something we can experience together. I am going to write stuff here, while he writes stuff for Lipscomb's newpaper. Last night we ventured over to Belmont's campus. They have a coffee shop called Bongo Java; it is literally a house turned into a coffee shop. I've been there before and it's a really neat place. I thought the coffee was awesome (but I am not a coffee elitist) and mine had cool latte art. There are about 5 or 6 other places that we want to try out this month. I'm looking forward to it.