Friday, May 28, 2010

Bored while Emily works

I am really bored because Emily is at work and I do not go in until 7 so I am just dropping in to say I have the best Fiance ever, and even when I mope around all day bored and grumpy, she still loves me and I do not take that for granted.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Ah my first blog in forever. So far this Summer is the best. I am learning a ton about being an adult which is great because I am getting married. I am living on my own for the first time, and despite being freaked out so bad on the first night, it has been good. Learning about keeping my bills low! Also I am huge on grocery shopping. I always have been, but even more now. You can buy 3 meals for the price of one meal out to eat practically. We also have been cleaning the house, we decided to try and do that once a week for the Sisco's.....I have been working at Starbucks here which is rad. I miss Nashville, especially Fido and going to coffee shops with Emily. I also miss Jacks BBQ a ton, but nothing beats being here with Emily and her family.

Last night we decided to have a stay in date. We went out and got a Tombstone Pizza (represent) and some hot wings to cook. We also picked up Couple's Retreat to watch with dinner. We just relaxed where I am staying, ate, and had a real good meal haha. Oh we also got a ton of candy. If you have never had watermelon sour patch kids, you are missing out.

Today we jst planned a sweet trip to Florida and Disney! Just one more thing I am stoked about this summer. I am excited we get to go chill with my mom and go to Disney and the beach and what not. This is going to rule so hard its not even funny.

Well, basically, I am extremely happy. I am working hard writing when I am not at the Sbux so I can get published some places. I am also working on another writing project that is going pretty well, I just have to get it done :x. I am thankful to spend this summer with my beautiful, loving, compassionate fiance who I love more than my own life.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 3, 2010

End of April

Wow, I think it is time for an update??

Hm well there are few things that I can think of to blog about. One being our engagement party!! This was such a blast. We just invited all of our close friends to spend some time together and we played games and catered Moe's. Thank you sooo much to Brad Perry and Cameron/Chelsea for planning everything and providing a place. We have amazing and supportive friends and we love them all very much. Brad created an awesome How I Met Your Mother trivia game for Dale and I to compete in...we played Disney Scene-It and Apple-to Apples. I'm glad we got to spend this time with our friends and we were reminded how blessed we are in life.

We are one step closer on the wedding planning....we have a wedding party now! Woohoo!

Also as many of you have heard, Nashville is in a state of emergency from the flooding over the weekend. It was absolutely unbelievable here, some of the things we saw! Things are better today and most of the water has gone down, but there are still damages and people who need help. We are thankful to the Godfrey's for their hospitality because we could not get back to school. Keep Nashville in your prayers.

Welp, we are down to the last week of school! Finals started Friday and we are almost done! We will be in Atlanta by this weekend!! Can't wait to start our jobs and have a great summer :)