Monday, April 19, 2010

Good weekends

This week has bee super busy so far, and today is only Monday. We have finals pretty soon, so all our teachers are giving us work to do now, and Starbucks, and sanctuary all pile up to make things crazy! I am just down right pooped, but that is fine with me :D. I am excited to be working as much as I am and I am getting a great education. Plus, this weekend Emily and i went over to our friend's, the Godfreys, house. We watched a movie with them, played games with Christian, and got to sit on our favorite couch to watch our favorite T.V show. We were planning on heading back to Nashville to celebrate Emily's 21st bday at Mazatlan, but we remembered how much we loved being at a home. Instead of heading back to Nashville we hung out in Spring Hill. We ordered O'Charley's to go...but I accidentaly ordered it in columbia so once we realized my mistake, Emily and I drove all the way out to Columbia and back. I was hoping to get her the perfect dinner, but I did not pay close attention to which store I called haha. Anywho, I had such a good weekend. We are coming up on our third week as an engaged couple!!!! So far its goe by pretty darn fast. I am going to be thankful I can say that now, becauase im sure I will be wanting it to go by faster in the future. Time for me to try and sleep, I just got off work at the morning.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Blog #2

Yesterday we had some down time so Dale and I decided to try out our second coffee shop. We went to Fido's in Hillsboro Village by Vanderbilt. Fido's used to be a pet shop, which is how they came up with the name "Fidos" (Also, apparently, Fido's and Bongo Java are the same company) Not only do they serve coffee but they have really great food and deserts as well (muffins, cookies, bagels, salads, sandwiches, etc). I got a strawberry/banana muffin and a cinnamon latte. Dale's drink was not a coffee drink but more of a hot chocolate. It was called the "Dalmatian". It was a mixture of white chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and whipped cream....pretty much a sugar high but it was great. Most of their drinks have some sort of "canine" the "milkbone", the "hot dog", the "bull dog" and the "rolo(ver)". Here are some pictures that we took of the drinks, etc!

P.S. This was my SECOND coffee of the day...which is crazy for me...I don't know when I turned into a coffee drinking person! I blame Dale for working at Starbucks ;)

almost too pretty to drink!

but i did :) and it was good

Monday, April 12, 2010

A few things, wedding, coffee

Today we made quite a few decisions about our wedding. We did not wake up today knowing that we had a lot to get done but then all of a sudden things started falling into our laps! Not complaining, of course, I have been dying to plan and finalize things! First of all, the date for our wedding is June 4th, 2011! :) Exactly 418 days from today. I could not be more excited. We also looked into honeymoon stuff because we realized that we should probably book it far in advance, to be safe. This was even more exciting! :) We are pretty set on a cruise. Even though our wedding is a year away, we arent too far ahead of the game....a lot of stuff has to get taken care of early early. Annnnnnnd let the craziness begin! :)

In other news, Dale is pursuing writing and taking a class where he gets to write articles about movies, concerts, music, ect for Lipscomb. He had the brilliant idea of going to all the coffee shops in Nashville and writing a series of reviews on them. We love coffee so this is a lot of fun for both of us and is something we can experience together. I am going to write stuff here, while he writes stuff for Lipscomb's newpaper. Last night we ventured over to Belmont's campus. They have a coffee shop called Bongo Java; it is literally a house turned into a coffee shop. I've been there before and it's a really neat place. I thought the coffee was awesome (but I am not a coffee elitist) and mine had cool latte art. There are about 5 or 6 other places that we want to try out this month. I'm looking forward to it.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night!

This is just a short blog. Emily and I have officially been engaged for a week! It flew by so fast. I am glad to know that I still have the best date nights with Emily after 13 months of being with each other. We saw Date Night and went to Applebee's afterward tonight. I hate having to leave Emily at her dorm at the end of a night when we don't have anything else to do. By like 9 or 10 we are usually just pooped and ready to relax together and watch How I Met Your mother, but that cant really happen here. Even though it sucks we cant do that some nights, I am thankful for every good memory....every Nintendo DS rondevous...every late night McDonalds run...and all the other amazing stuff we do. Emily is a huge trooper. I wish I could come see her and tuck her in, but Lipscomb is just too mean to me! I wont have to deal with it much longer!

Did I menion how glad I am we are engaged?

K thanks


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wow I still can not believe this! On Friday April 2nd my best friend in the whole world asked me to be his wife. I can not be more excited. We are most likely going to get married in early June of 2011. He proposed in the Campus Church auditorium (the original one, where I grew up) and that is also where we want to get married. It was very special and the proposal was really meaningful to our relationship. If you know us, then you know that music is a big part of our lives. We somewhat "owe" our relationship to the band Copeland, and he played their song, "Thanks To You" before proposing. Maybe I will blog about the Copeland thing another time. Anyways...I kinda lost it haha. My eyes were so watery that I could barely even SEE the ring as he put it on my finger. All in all, it was the best weekend of my life so far and it was even better than I had ever dreamed of.

I'm excited to update this for everyone as the planning and the wedding starts coming together. Every detail is so exciting to me. Right now we are just taking in this really awesome time in our lives and enjoying getting used to saying "fiance"! I'm so happy that Dale is the person that I get to spend the rest of my life with. God has already blessed us in so many ways and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I never would have thought 3 years ago that I was going to Lipscomb to meet and marry a Lipscomb! What do ya know? And I the name Emily Lipscomb :)

I'm getting married!!!!!!

Here are a couple pictures but look at my facebook, as well as my dad's or mom's, for other pictures.

MY RING(s)! I can't even believe that this is my finger hahah.

Just minutes before we arrived.
My dad set up the stage and filmed the whole thing from the sound booth.

She says "yes"

So as many of you have heard, last Friday i proposed to Emily. I was real sneaky and did a good job. I basically played a mini concert for her, then asked her to marry me. Yes, I got down on one knee. I could not decide if I should laugh or cry when I asked. I was really losing my mind, and saying stupid things. In movies and stories proposing seems like it takes so long, but in reality it was like one second. I would propose over and over again. We got good video of it all and I sound hilarious but so awesome. I was shaking so bad I could not get the ring on her finger. I feel like everything is good now. I am not freaking out, and I am just way to happy. I have no idea even how to put it into words, but so far I have never experienced something as amazing. I do not have a happier memory in my life. I would seriously ask her to marry me every day. I want everything I do for her to remind her that I would ask her over and over again.

She is my Fiance!!!!!!