Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She says "yes"

So as many of you have heard, last Friday i proposed to Emily. I was real sneaky and did a good job. I basically played a mini concert for her, then asked her to marry me. Yes, I got down on one knee. I could not decide if I should laugh or cry when I asked. I was really losing my mind, and saying stupid things. In movies and stories proposing seems like it takes so long, but in reality it was like one second. I would propose over and over again. We got good video of it all and I sound hilarious but so awesome. I was shaking so bad I could not get the ring on her finger. I feel like everything is good now. I am not freaking out, and I am just way to happy. I have no idea even how to put it into words, but so far I have never experienced something as amazing. I do not have a happier memory in my life. I would seriously ask her to marry me every day. I want everything I do for her to remind her that I would ask her over and over again.

She is my Fiance!!!!!!


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