Monday, April 19, 2010

Good weekends

This week has bee super busy so far, and today is only Monday. We have finals pretty soon, so all our teachers are giving us work to do now, and Starbucks, and sanctuary all pile up to make things crazy! I am just down right pooped, but that is fine with me :D. I am excited to be working as much as I am and I am getting a great education. Plus, this weekend Emily and i went over to our friend's, the Godfreys, house. We watched a movie with them, played games with Christian, and got to sit on our favorite couch to watch our favorite T.V show. We were planning on heading back to Nashville to celebrate Emily's 21st bday at Mazatlan, but we remembered how much we loved being at a home. Instead of heading back to Nashville we hung out in Spring Hill. We ordered O'Charley's to go...but I accidentaly ordered it in columbia so once we realized my mistake, Emily and I drove all the way out to Columbia and back. I was hoping to get her the perfect dinner, but I did not pay close attention to which store I called haha. Anywho, I had such a good weekend. We are coming up on our third week as an engaged couple!!!! So far its goe by pretty darn fast. I am going to be thankful I can say that now, becauase im sure I will be wanting it to go by faster in the future. Time for me to try and sleep, I just got off work at the morning.


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