Friday, April 9, 2010

Date Night!

This is just a short blog. Emily and I have officially been engaged for a week! It flew by so fast. I am glad to know that I still have the best date nights with Emily after 13 months of being with each other. We saw Date Night and went to Applebee's afterward tonight. I hate having to leave Emily at her dorm at the end of a night when we don't have anything else to do. By like 9 or 10 we are usually just pooped and ready to relax together and watch How I Met Your mother, but that cant really happen here. Even though it sucks we cant do that some nights, I am thankful for every good memory....every Nintendo DS rondevous...every late night McDonalds run...and all the other amazing stuff we do. Emily is a huge trooper. I wish I could come see her and tuck her in, but Lipscomb is just too mean to me! I wont have to deal with it much longer!

Did I menion how glad I am we are engaged?

K thanks


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