Friday, February 26, 2010

one year down

Well for starts I have no idea what to say about the fact that a year ago yesterday my dad passed away. I do know that he may have been taken in battle by cancer, but he was a champion of life. One of my favorite things about my dad was his ability to get business done. I have never met anyone who worked as hard to support a family and make the right choices. I also loved how he took care of my mom. No offense, but even when my mom was doing something I didn't like and felt the need to argue, he would say, "You cant, and I even cant because we are supposed to love her; she is my wife and she is your mom"....that's basically what he was saying. He loved my mom soo well.

I loved how my dad knew how music was one of the most powerful art forms in the world. He gave my brother and I so much support in music and soccer and paintball. Pretty much everything we did. I am glad to say I always wanted my dad to be around supporting me.

I was telling Emily about how I want to be the kind of dad who will always sit and play legos with my kids or whatever they will have. I am just thankful I had a dad who was invested in my life. I know there are so many kids and teenagers who have never had that, and I hate that.

All I know is I could go on for hours about all the awesome things I have done with my, theme parks, trips, disney quest, soccer games, video games...the list could seriously go on forever.

All this good outweighs all the awful, horrible days I had to face and probably will have more of. But I never forget the joy of having a dad and knowing now I will always have two fathers in heaven watching out for me.


God is good, all the time.

So yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of David (Dale's father) being cancer- free in Christ. It is great to know that he is in the best place EVER. He is happy and healthy. We celebrated his life by going bowling and eating BBQ, which according my understanding, he probably loved that idea. It was good to be around family, which is what Dale and I love doing the most, especially because we needed each other yesterday.

I didn't really get the chance to know David considering I only met him twice before Dale and I had just started dating. As his future daughter-in-law, I wish that I could have had the chance to be around him more! He has an awesome new grand-daughter now too, Penelope. It has been difficult for me the past year to see Dale and his family go through something like this. I've had many questions and not enough answers. Somehow God has still comforted me and given me understanding. I know Dale often wishes that he had his dad to talk to... about being in a serious relationship, among other things. It is cool to think that God took David at the perfect time...God knew that David had taught Dale everything he needed to know! I see David in Dale everyday. I am thankful for the good times that Dale had with this dad. I'm thankful that David loved his family so much and Dale had a great role model to look up too.

I look forward to meeting him again in Heaven!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

surprise good days

The best days in the world start when classes get canceled.

On tuesday my teacher was sick (no good) so class was cancled (yes good) which allowed me to go to cool springs with Emily! We traded in our pokemon Platinum games since the gold and silver versions come out in a few weeks and got 48$!!!! and then we got Emily a used copy of Mario Party DS! and I am gona put the rest towards Final Fantasy xiii. Basically the day just kept getting better. After our cool springs trip we got free pancakes at Ihop...a huge and tastey success.

Sounds good? yes AND IT GOT BETTER

after our pancake yummy goodness (to quote food network) we went and saw Valentine's was pretty good. I get tired of modern romantic comedies because a lot of people get hurt by relationships in them, but I was pretty happy with this one and how it ended! I loved the cast.

In the movie they focused some on the best relaitonships being formed on best friends...and I remember how that was the biggest deal for me before I started dating Emily. i wanted to make sure before I did anyhitng she was going to be my best friend. Between going to movies, music, and watching the office....she became my best friend fast!

I am so blessed, and I am striving to be a better man every morning I wake up because God has blessed me so much, and Emily brings the best out of me. At winterfest I was reminded to wake up each morning being thankful and striving to make an impact. I want part of my impact to be how I treat Emily and how I love her, forever.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend in Gatlinburg

This weekend I was blessed to be able to go to Winterfest again. This time was different because I got to bring Dale along with me! We had a really fun time with my cousins. I don't get to see them as much as I want to so I'm very thankful for the past 3 days. I think being at Winterfest with them helps me get more out of the day. I'm also really glad that they have a lot in common with video games haha...but it means the world to me to see him and my family as friends. Glow golf is so fun!

We really enjoyed the theme this year, "Taking Off the Veil of Sin". I think it taught us a lot about relationships and how to make ours even better. Communication is key to a healthy relationship and we are blessed to have that in ours. I'm very glad that forgiveness exists. I'm glad to know that even though I make mistakes, I am still loved. I know our relationship will not be perfect but I know that we both want Christ to be in the lead. I pray that we always love each other and everyone else with the love that Christ has shown us.


first winterfest

This weekend I went to my first winterfest...the best part first winterfest was with Emily and her family! I had a great time. The theme was taking off the veil of sin. I am glad to know Jesus has taken care of all the mess I have in my past and all the times I make mistkes now. I am also blessed Emily knows everything about me and I do not have to hide. I never wanted to put a veil up between her and I. Relationships dont work that way. I hope everyone can see God at work in our relationship as much as I do.

Winterfest encouraged me to continue persuing God even deeper and to extend His love to my friends and family as much as I can. I am guilty of being way too grumpy and selfish on the mornings we had to get up early...(everymorning)...and I wish I could have just woken up and been ready and eager to go and see what god had in store for me that day.

My favorite thing is when I get to drive and Emily sleeps :D


Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day 2.0

OK, here is my take on Valentines Day:

We had a bit of a rough morning. Dale had been sick all week and then it suddenly worsened, so, Sunday morning I took him to a clinic to get some antibiotics. It was kinda sketchy but atleast the meds seem to be working now. I felt so bad for him being sick. Bless his heart, he did not have to take me out that night. But he made it great and fun and I loved it.

I wanted the restaurant to be a suprise for me so I had no idea until we got in the car. Which, by the way, he "escorted" me to from my dorm. Aww. I also found a card and chocolate in my seat! He made reservations at Stoney River Steakhouse, which was amazing! (read his blog about the food haha) It was so nice. Everyone I have talked to has been very impressed by his choice of location :)

OK, let me pipe in now. Not only is Dale lovi ng and fun and a gentleman, he has great style!! He looked so handsome last night. (in other words...he "woo-ed" me. haha) :) I did not want to take my eyes off him. I have the best Valentine! It's so fun to get dressed up every now and then. Even after a year, I still get nervous/anxious (the good, exciting kind) when we go out on a big date. Like it's the first one all over again :)

This was my first Valentine's date, as well as our first one together and it couldn't have more perfect, even after the crazy morning. I am so blessed in many ways. I love Dale more and more every day.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

A valentine's of firsts

Well today was my first Valentine's day with Emily as well as my first date on valentine's day. I decided since I had found the one girl awesome enough to take out tonight, I would take her to Stoney River: Legendary Steaks. It was indeed Legen....wait for it...dary.

Let me pipe in here, Emily looked amazing tonight. I do not know how I found such and aweomse girl who is also blessed with insane beauty. I am way too blessed to get to see her smile and eyes every day.

Stoney River has these little amazing puffs of awesome bread. They are called Stone Puppies. A Stone Puppy is pretty much a small dinner doughnut appetizer. They also come with this sweet butter. I am pretty sure it was butter with cinnamon and sugar added. I wish I could have taken a picture of emily's face after she ate the first one because I think she saw God. After the Stone Puppies, our legendary steaks hit the table. Some of the best steaks I have had in a while for sure. I got the cabin filet, emily got the sirloin so we could mix it up. Hers was waaay good compared to mine.

While the dinner was great, we had a rough morning. I am sickly, so on our first valentines day, Emily drove me over to te kroger "little clinic" so I could get some antibiotics. I have a bad sinus infection, but my valentine took care of me. She even took me to mcdonalds :) with a giftcard.

the guy at the pharmacy, Paul, was kind of a butt face.

The day was awesome. I am so blessed to know even when I am sick and have to stay in bed on valentines day, Emily loves me, and I am so glad I got to take her out. On the downside I did kind of throw up after I got back to my dorm, but I think that was related to a furious coughing fit.

I am just so happy to know Emily, and a year ago today I sent her a letter saying she was awesome. I wanted to take her out on a date for the first time last valentines day, but I decided to go to a church camp as a leader....but now that we are together I can take her out anytime!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Howdy form Dale

After I get through the the 24 hours of work this weekend, Emily and I get to go on out first valentines date. I have never had a real date on valentine's day before, so I am super excited. I made reservations at a pretty nice steak place. I am happy to know the first girl I am taking out on valentine's day is the girl i am completely in love with. I am looking forward to getting dressed up and taking Emily out!

we will take a picture.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

I'm super excited for Valentine's Day on Sunday. Dale made reservations at a really nice place and I have no idea where yet. It will be a nice surprise :) This is our first official Valentines Day as a couple!

I can't believe it's been a year....I remember around this time last year I received my first note from Dale. He secretly put it in my mail box and I got it on Valentine's Day. We weren't officially together yet but I remember being a little giddy, haha. We couldn't spend last V-Day together because Dale was out of town for a camp, I think. Anyway, his note was adorable and sweet and I knew that things were going to be good, haha. He has written me many, many notes since then I have kept them all :) I think I'll go re-read that first one.

Update on Sunday!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

life lessons

We are learning that money sucks. Everything is so expensive! But that's OK because we are figuring it out! Dale is working super hard and I am proud of him :) Speaking of money, we wanted to win $150 in giftcards to restaurants in the couples competition but we were defeated....well the question was vague and I do not have ONE favorite shopping store. Dale put Target and I put American Eagle, which are both technically right. Oh well, it was very fun. We did answer the first few questions correctly though. We still know eachother better than all the other couples in that room ftw (for the win).

dale and emily

Monday, February 8, 2010

hola form Dale

I just got off work, so I figured I would post to settle down for the night. Tomorrow Emily and I are in a couples competition at Lipscomb. I am real curious to see what kind of questions we get asked about each other. I know one thing...I want to win.

Emily and I just finished celebrating our 11th month in relationship. I have known her since I was a little baby freshman, which seems like so long ago. She has been the biggest blessing in my life.

I knew I had found a good girl when we went and got the deluxe edition of copeland's last CD and watched all the videos on the dvd together. Everyday after has proved my assumptions about Emily. She is the best girl in the world.

I am so thankful for all the time I have spent has Emily's best friend. I am so glad Emily wears a promise ring from me. I can't wait to tell about all the great adventures we have had and will have the rest of our life.



Dale and I started this blog so that we can share our love and life with all of you. This semester is going to be pretty darn exciting so stay tuned :)

oh! and today is our 11 month anniversary! :)

with love