Sunday, February 21, 2010

first winterfest

This weekend I went to my first winterfest...the best part first winterfest was with Emily and her family! I had a great time. The theme was taking off the veil of sin. I am glad to know Jesus has taken care of all the mess I have in my past and all the times I make mistkes now. I am also blessed Emily knows everything about me and I do not have to hide. I never wanted to put a veil up between her and I. Relationships dont work that way. I hope everyone can see God at work in our relationship as much as I do.

Winterfest encouraged me to continue persuing God even deeper and to extend His love to my friends and family as much as I can. I am guilty of being way too grumpy and selfish on the mornings we had to get up early...(everymorning)...and I wish I could have just woken up and been ready and eager to go and see what god had in store for me that day.

My favorite thing is when I get to drive and Emily sleeps :D


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