Sunday, February 14, 2010

A valentine's of firsts

Well today was my first Valentine's day with Emily as well as my first date on valentine's day. I decided since I had found the one girl awesome enough to take out tonight, I would take her to Stoney River: Legendary Steaks. It was indeed Legen....wait for it...dary.

Let me pipe in here, Emily looked amazing tonight. I do not know how I found such and aweomse girl who is also blessed with insane beauty. I am way too blessed to get to see her smile and eyes every day.

Stoney River has these little amazing puffs of awesome bread. They are called Stone Puppies. A Stone Puppy is pretty much a small dinner doughnut appetizer. They also come with this sweet butter. I am pretty sure it was butter with cinnamon and sugar added. I wish I could have taken a picture of emily's face after she ate the first one because I think she saw God. After the Stone Puppies, our legendary steaks hit the table. Some of the best steaks I have had in a while for sure. I got the cabin filet, emily got the sirloin so we could mix it up. Hers was waaay good compared to mine.

While the dinner was great, we had a rough morning. I am sickly, so on our first valentines day, Emily drove me over to te kroger "little clinic" so I could get some antibiotics. I have a bad sinus infection, but my valentine took care of me. She even took me to mcdonalds :) with a giftcard.

the guy at the pharmacy, Paul, was kind of a butt face.

The day was awesome. I am so blessed to know even when I am sick and have to stay in bed on valentines day, Emily loves me, and I am so glad I got to take her out. On the downside I did kind of throw up after I got back to my dorm, but I think that was related to a furious coughing fit.

I am just so happy to know Emily, and a year ago today I sent her a letter saying she was awesome. I wanted to take her out on a date for the first time last valentines day, but I decided to go to a church camp as a leader....but now that we are together I can take her out anytime!


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