Wednesday, February 24, 2010

surprise good days

The best days in the world start when classes get canceled.

On tuesday my teacher was sick (no good) so class was cancled (yes good) which allowed me to go to cool springs with Emily! We traded in our pokemon Platinum games since the gold and silver versions come out in a few weeks and got 48$!!!! and then we got Emily a used copy of Mario Party DS! and I am gona put the rest towards Final Fantasy xiii. Basically the day just kept getting better. After our cool springs trip we got free pancakes at Ihop...a huge and tastey success.

Sounds good? yes AND IT GOT BETTER

after our pancake yummy goodness (to quote food network) we went and saw Valentine's was pretty good. I get tired of modern romantic comedies because a lot of people get hurt by relationships in them, but I was pretty happy with this one and how it ended! I loved the cast.

In the movie they focused some on the best relaitonships being formed on best friends...and I remember how that was the biggest deal for me before I started dating Emily. i wanted to make sure before I did anyhitng she was going to be my best friend. Between going to movies, music, and watching the office....she became my best friend fast!

I am so blessed, and I am striving to be a better man every morning I wake up because God has blessed me so much, and Emily brings the best out of me. At winterfest I was reminded to wake up each morning being thankful and striving to make an impact. I want part of my impact to be how I treat Emily and how I love her, forever.


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