Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Soccer plays a somewhat big part in mine and Dale's relationship. We have watched a lot of USA games together and last April we went to USA vs Trindad/Tobago. I think that was kind of like our first "date". One of my favorite days ever was right before we started dating and I went over to Dale's house to watch the soccer game and eat taco bell! It was just such a good night. Dale was really suprised that I actually got into the game haha. I actually really do like watching soccer...I mean, all those years I played soccer shouldn't be put to waste!

I also like watching soccer with Dale because every time the USA scores, I get 3 kisses. :) haha
Well, I get kisses anyways but it's just a silly thing Dale started.

Actually, right now, we are watching USA vs. the Netherlands. I also went and got us Taco Bell :)

Less than 100 days until World Cup 2010!


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