Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break '10

Dale and I had a very relaxing, yet productive, Spring Break last week. We saw movies, watched our favorite TV show (How I Met Your Mother), walked Sophie, shopped and got hair cuts! Oh and we ate GOOD food. Not fried fast-food via Lipscomb but homemade, nutritious food via Mom. We are seriously deprived of that here at school to say the least haha. Chef Dale even cooked for me. And I'm going to brag right now because he makes a mean BBQ sauce! From scratch. All ladies should be extremely jealous! :)

We also researched summer schools and applied for roughly 6-7 summer jobs each. That was our goal for Spring Break and we were pretty successful.

I was pretty grumpy driving back to school yesterday though. A) because it was POURING rain the whole way and B) just because we had to go back to school. But it helped remembering how blessed I am and how much God loves and takes care of us. Also, I'm thankful I got to spend my spring break with Dale because, as we all know, being apart during breaks downright stinks. But if nothing else had gone right, atleast we were together!

We seriously had a great break and now there is only about a month left of school!


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